This section of the documentation is intended to show you how the module maps different types of documents to its correspondent Shopware tables. Individual features and details of an entity are discussed on each page, if necessary.

Mapping Tables

On each page you will find "mapping tables" that explain which source values are mapped to which target fields. They are presented in the following pattern:

Target: This is the name of the table the source document will be written to
Source: The FQCN of the document that is transformed into the target entity

Target Field Source Path
* required_field
T translated_field
*T required_and_translated_field

You will find different symbols beneath the target fields:

  • * means that a required value has to be present in your document, otherwise it can not be transformed into a valid Shopware entity
  • T means that the target field translated / part of a _translation table in Shopware
  • *T is a combination of the fields mentioned above (a translated field that is required)

The abbreviation {{SICF}} stands for "synqup identifier custom field". This is the custom field in Shopware that contains the synqup identifier.