Please refer to the documentation about batch sizes of the output-module for a general overview of batches and batch sizes.

Batch Sizes

This is what a configuration of the media-module batch sizes looks like:

    "batchSizes": {
        "extract": 5000,
        "analyzeFiles": 500,
        "updateFiles": 50,
        "analyzeAssociations": 250,
        "updateAssociations": 50

These values are the defaults if your configuration does not contain any value.


The module extracts embedded Assets from their BaseDocuments. This batch size determines the number of documents from which embedded assets are extracted in a single message.

Please refer to the documentation of the main module for more information about batch-sizes of extracted documents.


This step analyzes your assets and generates create/update/delete/rename operations that must be performed to sync an asset to Shopware.

This value determines the number of documents whose assets are analyzed in a single message.


This step executes the operations generated in the subsection analyzeFiles. This value determines the number of file operations that a single message executes.


This value represents the number of documents each message handler receives. The corresponding Shopware entities are bulk-searched. Each Shopware entity is analyzed for media associations that need to be created, updated, or deleted. The operations will be stored temporarily.


Amount of Shopware entities whose associations are updated via Sync API request. The operations are generated in the previous step (analyzeAssociations)

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