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synQup is an iPaaS e-commerce data integration framework. Sounds complicated – and as far as the technology behind it is concerned, it is. Developers love synQup, businesses celebrate synQup. Our iPaaS simplifies enterprise business processes and makes them efficient, which is a real gamechanger for our customers.

synQup connects applications of complex IT system landscapes and ensures that your systems communicate and interact optimally with each other. As a holistic, flexible and scalable interface solution, synQup replaces individual interfaces between systems and brings all data streams together in a single central data integration platform.

Our middleware transforms a wide variety of data types from different data sources into the desired formats, resulting in consistent and automated data exchange. Specifically, companies can use synQup to transfer all data such as product, category and customer data uni- and bidirectionally between existing applications such as PIM, ERP, CMS, CRM and shop systems.

Our central data hub digitizes, synchronizes, integrates and automates existing data, ensuring optimal data integrity. In this way, synQup creates the basis for efficient and sustainable e-commerce.

Developers love synQup, companies celebrate synQup.

That’s how companies benefit from synQup.

The e-commerce industry faces a variety of challenges. Constantly evolving digitization and, in particular, the increasing and increasingly specific requirements and wishes of customers are constantly challenging companies’ data management. Data has become one of the most valuable resources for the success of a company.

Online shoppers expect up-to-date, consistent, comprehensive and increasingly individualized information when purchasing their desired products. In addition to the basic information that has been established for years (e.g., price, size, color), information about delivery times, price scales, or customer-specific data is playing an increasingly important role in the purchase decision. Articles that are rich in variants, configurable and in need of explanation consequently come with large amounts of data, where the administration runs through a lot of third-party systems.

Accordingly, this requires companies to always have new or enhanced systems that need to communicate and interact with each other – and as fast as possible. Perhaps you know it yourself:

With increasing company size and the resulting focus on customer orientation, your internal IT system landscape for managing data and processes has become increasingly larger and more complex. ERP, PIM, MAM, DAM, CMS, CRM, shop system…

For the coverage of daily processes, real digital ecosystems have developed in which the applications are either not connected at all or are connected somehow – the emphasis is on somehow. In most cases, the systems are not designed for compatibility and all speak their own language. The result is isolated applications and time-consuming and complicated workflows. The transfer and also the migration of data, e.g. when introducing a new shop system, are accordingly extremely error-prone, time-consuming and highly ineffective.

Inadequate or even non-existent integration or migration of data is the key reason for inefficient digital transformation, which is why companies need to ask the question of ideal data exchange, and to which we have a simple answer: synQup

Advantages with synQup

As a powerful integration platform and migration genius, synQup not only connects your systems for efficient data integration, but also supports you in the challenges of changing your e-commerce system for a successful data migration. With our full-managed solution, we take care of the technology so you can focus on your business with peace of mind and benefit from the positive effects for your digital transformation:

  • Optimization of data integrity
  • Process and workflow automation
  • Digitization of the entire e-commerce business
  • Increasing efficiency
  • Minimizing downtime
  • Full data control without technical expertise
  • Data protection compliant data management
  • Security of investment
  • Cost transparency
  • and more

The synQup DNA. That makes our solution unique.

synQup was developed to put an end to the inefficient data transfer of complex IT system landscapes and to make the integration of new applications in e-commerce as easy as possible.

For our user-friendly middleware it does not matter how your system landscape is composed. ERP, PIM, CMS, CRM, MAM, shop system, in-house development, standard solution… no matter which system, no matter how many systems:

With synQup, we provide the perfect solution to connect even the most complex digital ecosystem in a customized way and to realize individual connections. Because as long as we can communicate with the existing systems, we can also connect them with synQup. This is what makes us unique and differentiates synQup from other providers. It is our strength, our DNA…
… The synQup DNA.

Perfect fit

Compared to many other providers, we do not offer a standardized all-in-one solution. Our platform is that flexible that we can adapt 100% to the circumstances of our customers. Your existing systems do not need to be changed, our system adapts to you. You retain full control over the software selection of your e-commerce system landscape. And best of all, our system is open enough that your own IT department can co-develop with synQup.


Thanks to its modular design, synQup offers limitless flexibility. Modules can be added or exchanged easily at any time. The selection of modules will grow continuously and can be extended by your personal desired module if required. Thus synQup is maximally scalable and adapts to the individual growth of each company. When you grow, synQup grows with you.

High Performance

Our iPaaS offers the highest stability and performance due to its technical foundation. When creating new modules, we have a high development speed and perform the highest update speed on the market. A shop system such as Shopware releases updates frequently to provide new features and security adjustments. While this is a challenge for other providers, with synQup you benefit already a few days after the release of the latest update.


synQup operates under the highest security standards and DSGVO requirements. With features such as Infrastructure Security, Data Encryption, Tenant Protection, Network Security, Data Backup & Recovery, Continuous Monitoring, Notifications & Alerts, Advanced Logging and Secure Data Transfer, our middleware provides all the necessary measures to protect your data.

As long as we can communicate with the system, we can connect it with synQup.


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