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This is synQup.

synQup is a leading provider in the field of e-commerce data integration for small and medium-sized enterprises as well as corporate groups. Our holistic, flexible and scalable interface solution supports companies from a wide range of industries in optimizing their data strategy and driving the digitalization and automation of data-driven processes in e-commerce. synQup makes your data flow, or as we put it:

We make data flow

Our iPaaS Data Integration Framework was initially developed more than ten years ago and has since experienced continuous technological development and practical application. Since 2022, our software solution has officially borne the name synQup.

Our diverse team consists of 30+ highly skilled developers, creative designers and strategic consultants who use their extensive expertise to implement customized solutions for businesses.

Discover the limitless possibilities of synQup and let’s team up to accelerate your e-commerce success.

The synQup mission.

synQup was developed to put an end to the inefficient data transfer of complex IT system landscapes and to make the integration of new applications in e-commerce as easy as possible.

As a holistic solution, synQup replaces individual interfaces between systems and brings together all data streams in a single central data integration platform.

synQup is custom-fit, flexible and powerful. These features allow us to give our customers full control over their application choices and dynamically adapt to any changes in the IT landscape. As you grow, synQup grows with you.

As you grow, synQup grows with you.

Spirit of innovation

Through our continuous search for new technologies, trends and solutions, as well as our creative mindset in a team full of thinkers and nerds, we foster an environment for innovative approaches and breakthrough ideas.


Qualified training and years of practical experience – at synQup we combine comprehensive expertise in the fields of e-commerce, integration technologies and data management.


As an interface solution, synQup always has to adapt to the individual requirements of customers. The ability to adapt to change and develop customized solutions is in the DNA of our team.


What makes tech nerds stand out more than anything else? The passion for developing. Our employees are absolute source code enthusiasts who work with passion and energy on every line of code to achieve the best results.


Our feedback culture is at the heart of our collaboration and enables us to grow beyond ourselves individually and as a team. Every colleague contributes with their ideas and commitment. It is the diversity of perspectives that enriches our team and allows synQup to continue to grow..

These values shape the culture of synQup and make us a vibrant and committed company and employer. We are proud of our passionate employees who enjoy their work and interact as a true team. This is the only way we can achieve success and the best for our customers..


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