This page explains how identifiers are used in the media-module. Please refer to the identifier documentation of the main module for additional information about identifiers and the identifier custom fields.

The media-module uses the same identifier custom fields as the main module. You have to enter the same values in the identifier section of the module configuration that are used for the configuration of the output-module.


The identifier of an Asset is used to identify the media-entity to which the assets are uploaded to. If you have multiple documents that embed assets with the same identifier, the asset will only be uploaded once. Example:

- product_a
    - asset_1
    - asset_2
- product_b
    - asset_1
    - asset_3
- product
    - asset_1
    - asset_4

The module will upload four images: asset_1, asset_2, asset_3 and asset_4. Every product-entity will have an association the same media-entity of asset_1.