There are three different documentations for the Shopware 6 module:

  • The Output-Module is used to transfer documents (products, customers, manufacturers, ...) from synQup to Shopware.
  • The Media-Module synchronizes images for products and categories in Shopware.
  • The Input-Module is used to read orders from Shopware to synQup.

This is the documentation for the Shopware 6 Output Module.


The "Shopware 6 Output Module" is part of the Shopware 6 Module. In general, the output-module is used to transfer documents from synQup to Shopware.

This documentation is intended to provide a comprehensive overview of the entire output-module. For this purpose, several general concepts and working methods of the module will be explained. Furthermore, examples will explain all possible configuration options. In addition to that a lot of details on how to send documents to Shopware will be covered.

If you are still unable to find an answer to your question in this documentation, feel free to contact us. Since this is the first version of the documentation we are happy to receive feedback.

Supported Entities

The module is able to handle the following entities:

Job Dispatcher Mapping

Use the following JobDispatcherMapping configuration to set up the module:

  • process_step_identifier: output
  • message_fqcn: Synqup\Modules\Shopware6Bundle\Output\Standard\StartShopware6OutputMessage
  • configuration: (Configuration Template)


There are two ways to extend and customize the behaviour of the module:

  • If you need to map additional entities you can use the Mapping-Extension
  • If you need to change the way the module maps default entities you can develop a module extension